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Sepsis is one of the fastest-moving, most lethal diseases in the world. Triggered by an immune response to infection that overwhelms the body, sepsis is often difficult to quickly and accurately diagnose, delaying patients from receiving rapid intervention to prevent a host of catastrophic health outcomes, including early death.

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Unlocking Immune State to Diagnose Disease in Real Time

At Cytovale, we apply machine learning, high-speed imaging and microfluidics to detect disease in real time. Interrogating thousands of cells per second, we can rapidly build multi-dimensional representations of the host immune state to identify disease signatures indicative of sepsis. Within less than ten minutes, our system will provide clinicians with actionable information to aid in diagnosis and inform treatment.

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There is an inquisitive and collaborative team of individuals dedicated to advancing our revolutionary approach. At Cytovale we start with the patient, not the pathogen, to develop solutions for early detection of sepsis that would enable clinicians to provide early treatment, which is crucial to patient survival.

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