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About Us

We’re a team of biologists, data scientists, and engineers developing mechanical biomarkers to improve human health. Our novel microfluidic platform allows us to probe individual cells to quantify the mechanical signatures of disease. We are applying this first to sepsis, a condition whose early detection dramatically improves patient outcomes and reduces treatment cost.

Reflecting our technology/biology hybrid company, at our San Francisco office the data team sits across from a wet lab, and our biologists handle python as well as pipettes. We believe close collaboration helps us move fast to bring health insights to patients and their healthcare providers.

Primary Product


We’ve enrolled a multi-hundred patient clinical study in support of our flagship product in early sepsis detection in the emergency department, which has the potential to significantly reduce morbidity and mortality, decrease healthcare costs, and satisfy a $1B+ diagnostic market. We are also demonstrating our platform’s potential in several additional applications.

The Cytovale System


Three decades of work in labs spanning the globe tell us that the biomechanical properties of cells are intimately linked with cell state. Until deformability cytometry, most techniques could only measure tens of cells per hour—not enough to produce a clinically relevant dataset at reasonable time and cost. The speed of Cytovale’s microfluidic platform brings these illuminating biomarkers from the university lab to the hospital, patients and their caregivers.

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The Cytovale Team

Meet the Team

Ajay Shah

Ajay is Cytovale's CEO and is excited to be building the company with this awesome team! Outside of work, he's passionate about traveling and is a self-confessed foodie.

Jennifer Beedon

Jennifer enjoys building teams that bring a collaborative, creative and analytical approach. As COO, she oversees business operations at Cytovale. She's a transplant from the Midwest, loves spending time outdoors with friends and is a proud soccer fanatic.

Henry Tat Kwong Tse

Henry enjoys challenges, and especially solving them with the Cytovale team. Henry's perspective is rooted in a science and engineering background with specific experiences and interests at intersection of biology and engineering. He leads Cytovale's overall technical efforts.

Roya Sheybani

Roya earned her PhD developing implantable microsystems. Following a brief foray into biomaterials and infection detection sensors, she joyfully returned to the mild winters of California, and joined the Cytovale team to pursue her passion of developing innovative and practical solutions to healthcare needs.

Anne Jensen

As an early Cytovale team member, Annie enjoys working on the interdisciplinary engineering process of developing diagnostics with clear clinical utility. When she's not squishing cells, Annie likes to ski, hike, play lawn sports and watch good movies. 

Lionel Guillou

Lionel is a ping-pong enthusiast who enjoys working at the intersection of physics and biology to contribute in shaping tomorrow's medicine. After squishing cells for 3 years in France for his PhD, Lionel joined the Cytovale team with the goal of translating research into a product that directly helps patients.

Nick Martinez

Nick is a Bay Area native who loves riding bikes almost as much as the meal that follows. He’s passionate about products that combine new technology and empathic design.

Maddy Cook

Maddy is a nature lover who, ironically, found her niche in a laboratory setting. When she isn't doing yoga or playing with her cats, she is working in our lab in Baton Rouge, LA running patient samples for clinical trials and working on exploratory projects. Maddy joined Cytovale with the motivation to learn more about clinical research while contributing to work that will make a difference in the lives of patients. 

Allison Walters

Allison is a UCLA graduate with a passion for medical technology that saves lives and reduces suffering. When Allison is not working on revolutionary medical diagnostics, she can be found at the beach, drawing or painting, training for a marathon, or eating a lot of chocolate.

Sakshi Shah

Sakshi is sometimes from India, sometimes from Singapore, and perpetually cold. She recently graduated from Harvey Mudd College with a degree in physics and enjoys cooking, the ocean, and working at the interface of physics and biology to revolutionize medical diagnostics.

Chris Dahlberg

Chris Dahlberg is a world-class biologist who inexplicably electrocutes himself on a regular basis. When he's not tending to his extensive collection of carnivorous plants , he blogs about the threat of domestic cats to native bird populations.

Peter Landwehr

Peter enjoys hot coffee and cheesecake in the evening, a cool drink on the balcony in the afternoon, and cleaning, analyzing, and modeling data all the live-long day. He came to Cytovale hoping to help produce metrics that will save lives and increase our understanding of disease.

Dino Di Carlo, Ph.D

Dino is a Professor and Vice Chair of Bioengineering at UCLA, and Cytovale's academic co-founder. He actively advises Cytovale's technical team and is a member of the Company's Board of Directors.

Jack Fuchs

Jack is a seasoned CFO, investor, and entrepreneur. He serves as a Cytovale Board Member and is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Stanford.

Michael Atar

Prof. Atar is a highly acclaimed pediatric dentist by training, and heads up the Atar Family Office.

Lindy Fishburne

Lindy Fishburne is the Managing Director at Breakout Ventures and the Executive Director at Breakout Labs. She serves as a Board Observer at Cytovale.

Pascal Levensohn

Pascal Levensohn is a Managing Director at Dolby Family Ventures, and closely advises the Cytovale team in this capacity.

David Dolby

David Dolby is an active technology investor and philanthropist, and supports the Cytovale team through Dolby Family Ventures' investment.

Steven Opal

Dr. Steven Opal is a Professor of Medicine at Brown University and Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. He is an internationally recognized key opinion leader in the sepsis field and has led numerous worldwide multi-center clinical studies in this space.

Hollis O'Neal, MD

Dr. Hollis O'Neal is a Pulmonary and Critical Care physician and an Assistant Professor at the LSU Health Sciences Center in Baton Rouge. He is the Medical Director of Research at Our Lady of the Lake Hosptial, and closely collaborates with the Cytovale team.

Evangelos Hytopolous, PhD

Evangelos is a recognized biostatistics expert, the Senior Director of Biostatistics at a leading public diagnostics company, and a former C-level executive at multiple startups. He advises the Cytovale team on data science and technology development matters.

Chris Thomas, MD

Dr. Thomas is a Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician at LSU Health Sciences Center in Baton Rouge, and closely collaborates with the Cytovale team.

Alex Malkin

Alex’s background combines experience in product development and a PhD in Bioengineering. When he’s not working on innovate technologies, Alex spends his time climbing, hiking, and eating.

Audun Johnson

Audun recently graduated from Northwestern and is passionate about building the tools that improve patient outcome. When he's not in a biohazard zone, he can be found playing piano or rolling on the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mats

Laurence Ruiz-Taylor

Laurence’s expertise combines IVD product development, quality implementation, and program management. She is excited to lead the IVD program at Cytovale to deliver unique solutions for patient management. Outside Cytovale, Laurence enjoys a good laugh, family outdoor activities, watching soccer, cooking, and photography.

Tiffany Vo

Tiffany joins Cytovale with a background in management consulting and business strategy, focused on the health and life sciences industry. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Brown University and an MBA from Boston University. Tiffany considers herself extremely fortunate to be working on a product that can help make an impact on patients’ lives. When not working on strategic initiatives for Cytovale, Tiffany can be found competing in triathlons, skiing, exploring new destinations, or cooking new recipes.

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